Oh Blister, Where Art Thou?

l finished a two mile lunchtime run today and to my surprise found an ‘old’ blister. There was no pain, no fluid, just a patch of separated skin.

As far as I can remember, my last barefoot session where my form was off was two weeks ago. I recall a hotspot sensation after the run, but couldn’t find any evidence of a blister, so though I had got away with it. Could today’s blister be something ‘surfacing’ from the hotspot from two weeks ago? The delay being due to the thicker, tougher skin?

Blisters are a great way to let a runner know somethings not quite right, but if it takes two weeks for the blister to appear that’s not so useful. At least I felt the hotspot so knew my form had been off.

I may be way off with my theory, but I am going to pay more attention next time I think I got away with only a hotspot!

2 thoughts on “Oh Blister, Where Art Thou?

  1. I’m guessing it is a delayed reaction. It happened once before so I took a little more notice this time. I just can’t find anything similar online though. Maybe I should just stop rushing those lunchtime barefoot runs which cause the hotspots in the first place!

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