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This year I set myself a couple of running goals:

1. Run my first marathon.

2. Run one thousand miles.

I ran the White Peaks Marathon in May and really enjoyed it. Plus, all those long training runs certainly helped achieve the second target, which I hit much earlier than I anticipated.

And then I was goal-less.

I had been running barefoot twenty-five percent of my total mileage, and so decided to up the longest distance from about 8 miles and try for a barefoot half marathon – Goal three!

Training went pretty well, and I got up to the distance by the beginning of June – the first attempt at a barefoot long run! But I carried on running 13 or so miles barefoot most weekends, even managing a 16.5 mile barefoot run a couple of weeks ago on cherry picked roads and a sensible pace. But it took until this weekend to finally run an official barefoot half marathon!

Final mile

I got a little carried away with the pace, as I had intended to relax and enjoy a 1:54 hr race. This time would have equaled my first half marathon in traditional shoes. My 1:44 hr actual time is less than 3 minutes off my PB from last year in vibrams.

Cool mud at finish was a welcome bonus!

I put my unexpected time down to the number of long barefoot runs I did while waiting for race day, and enjoying overtaking the shod runners! I was aware of passing a lot in the first few miles because I started between the 2:00 and 2:15 hr markers. But the runpix system reports me overtaking 328 runners in the second half alone, while only being passed by a single runner!

I also realised there was another barefoot runner on the course from a few spectators comments of “There’s another barefoot runner!” Two barefoot runners out of 3431 finishers isn’t a bad ratio – Our numbers are definitely exploding!

Post race refreshment!

6 thoughts on “Goal Post

  1. You are AWESOME!! The closest to barefoot running I have come is running in my Vibrams, which I love, but I never run more than 5miles in them. My longer runs are always in my tennie’s. You are inspiring me to take my shoes off and pound some pavement!

  2. Thanks Brittany!
    Next time you notice you’re on a smooth surface on a run – pop off those vibrams. Just for 100 metres or so – Dare you!

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