Barefoot Logs

Most run logging programs allow monitoring the mileage of footwear, to track the lifespan of a pair of shoes. Where I’ve struggled though is when I run say, the first mile barefoot, then run an interval session in vibrams, and finally run a cool down mile barefoot. I wouldn’t want to be bothered with recording this as three separate activities, so I started noting down the actual barefoot miles on a google spreadsheet at the start of the year.

What I am surprised at is how a lot of fairly short runs quickly build the total mileage!

Barefoot Running Log 2018
Barefoot Walking Log 2018

Barefoot Running Log 2017
Barefoot Walking Log 2017

Barefoot Running Log 2016
Barefoot Walking Log 2016

Barefoot Running Log 2015
Barefoot Walking Log 2015

Barefoot Running Log 2014
Barefoot Walking Log 2014

Barefoot Running Log 2013
Barefoot Walking Log 2013

Barefoot Running Log 2012
Barefoot Walking Log 2012


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