THE Barefoot Walk

This Saturday we visited Conkers in AshbydelaZouch.

Conkers is a hands on nature experience including an indoor adventure playground and learning zone, a pretty tough outdoor assault course, fairy labyrinth and a barefoot walk!

The whole site is fun and educational, but what I look forward to most is the unique barefoot walk. A sign at the start of the walk describes that going barefoot can alleviate many musculo-skeletal disorders, but almost everyone skips that, rips off their shoes and jumps straight in!

The first three sections of the 450m attraction are pools with different floor textures. Other areas include; rocks, pebbles, coal, wooden logs, straw, cobbles, railway rails, rubber shards, slate, wet clay, and finally, deep gloopy mud!





I love going round with my daughters and hearing them describe the different textures, feelings, temperatures, and pain levels! Sadly I haven’t seen many grown ups attempting the intriguing experiencing, just because it involves a bit of dirt (or getting their feet out in public)

Conkers also has a campsite which we used last year, as well as a Park Run every Saturday morning. I didn’t realise this until I got caught up in the event on the return leg of my early morning run – running barefoot! I think I surprised a few of the runners, and I would love to return and run officially one day!

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