That’s blog site downtime, not me (fortunately!)

I last posted on the 17th August following the family holiday. I attempted to make my next post a week later but found the blog missing all my previous postings. In fact, it looked like it did after the initial WordPress install, showing the default welcome page!

I went through a series of steps involving database table checks, etc but couldn’t find anything wrong. The only thing that worked was resetting the DNS address with the domain registrar before changing it back to the hosting site, all of which takes a few days to propagate through the webosphere.

I’m not super web tech savvy, but I can sort most things out with google holding my hand. I can’t quite get my head around this one though – I didn’t modify any files on the site but everything is back to normal?

I was just glad I had a recent backup (although I have updated the frequency from weekly to daily!)

4 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. Hmm – very odd! Sounds like the fault may have been with your host – some kind of server cacheing issue? Either way, as a fellow WP blogger I appreciate this post as a nudge to remind me to back up regularly. I don’t suppose you know of an automated backup for WP?

  2. Hi Bob
    I hadn’t backed up my blog until your post. I now have 110 posts and would be devastated to lose them. Took me a while but I did it. I didn’t realise but a plugin has been stopping people viewing my home page. Thanks for the nudge.

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