Losing it?

Towards the end of my lunchtime run yesterday, a slight tingling indicated my form had been off.
I had been landing too far on the outside of my feet, and pushing off too aggressively.

I have a desk job so didn’t think too much more about it until I got home. Sure enough I had a decent sized blister on the right second toe.


I think the hundreds of miles over the last few months in vibrams has caused the toe off issue – you can get away with a lot in them.
Another factor is my feet have grown this year! I assume the vibram mileage is the culprit, but my toes protrude further than before, relative to my big toe.
But probably the biggest factor was the temperature of the tarmac. The run was at the hottest part of the day at about 28°C and my feet haven’t experienced that for a very long time.

I decided to leave it be as the blister is clear and there’s no pain.

This barefoot thing is a continuous learning process and I’ll just put it down to experience.


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