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Barefoot dog walking with FergusAs part as my barefoot half marathon conditioning I have started walking our family dog Fergus (a 10 month old black miniature schnauzer) whilst barefoot.

My share of the weekly dog walking duties equates to around 10 – 15 miles depending on the length of our weekend walks / runs, so if even half of these are barefoot there should be some effect.

My main concern was the longer interaction time with other people. When barefoot running, I have usually passed anyone before they’ve had time to comment!

I’d already planned a response to any interrogations – “I am training for a barefoot half marathon.” Perfectly logical!

However, after a few barefoot walks with Fergus this weekend involving talking to other dog walkers, no one mentioned the fact I had no shoes on. One kind lady did mention to take care as she had seen some broken glass on the trail, without mentioning my bare feet. Completely the opposite reaction to what I had expected! I thanked her and said I would be careful, and we both continued with our dog walks.


3 thoughts on “Barefoot Buddy

  1. That is dedication. I actually find walking barefoot less easy than running – I think I’m a bit of a heel striker when it comes to walking! Love the lady’s reaction. Nice to not get negative comments – I wonder if Fergus is a bit of a diversion for folk? Great post, Bob!

  2. “I think I’m a bit of a heel striker when it comes to walking!” – I know exactly what you mean Ape!

    I am surprised how different walking barefoot is to running. The heel strike is definitely there, and can become uncomfortable walking at pace. I’m trying to minimise or absorb the strike. I guess it’ll come with practice!

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