Nothing for the weekend, Sir?






This weekend was a long one due to the Queen’s Jubilee.

Our extra day’s were spent camping in Exmoor National Park with two other families, while their Dad’s completed the Tour of Wessex road bike challenge (329 miles over 3 days)

Camping meant three days of no electricity, no running water and no mobile phone signal. And for me that also included no shaving, no showering, and almost no shoes. Back to nature!

I say almost no shoes, and in reality that meant all my time on the campsite, and on the beach; over half my time away. The kids really enjoyed being barefoot too; paddling in the stream which ran through the campsite, and barefoot racing over the grass.

I was amazed when my youngest daughter asked if she could take off her crocs to walk barefoot over the saltmarsh at Porlock. She then ‘flowed’ over the quarter mile of large stone shingles to the sea, leaving me struggling to keep up. The beach was a great ankle workout!

I only managed to get one 7 mile run in, although I had mapped out several routes. It was rainy and hilly, and very enjoyable, but the whole weekend’s preparation had left me with my lowest weekly mileage for months

This may have been a good thing though, as I’m sure I hadn’t fully recovered from my marathon 2 weeks ago. Last week’s 13 miles was laboured. Today though I ran the same distance and felt strong, on nothing but water and completely barefoot – by far the longest since I started over a year ago.

I hadn’t intended to run this far barefoot, and the last three miles felt tender but fortunately no blisters. This wasn’t supposed to happen until later in the year with a longer conditioning period. I guess I’ll carry on as I am, until a barefoot half marathon race makes it official!

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