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Listening to last weeks The Geek Runner podcast, I heard about an iPhone & Android app called Charity Miles that will generate corporate sponsorship for several charities based on a walk, run or biking activity.

I immediately registered and tried the app on my lunchtime walk. All went well, earning a few ‘minutes of education’ for Pencils of Promise, or so I thought. The app seemed to have an issue syncing over my phone network.

Syncing over wi-fi worked the next morning after finishing my 1 mile barefoot dog walk, earning 2.5 minutes of education, and another 5.5 minutes on my lunchtime 2 mile barefoot run.

The app uses Facebook to authenticate users, and will post each activity on your timeline. This can be turned off within Facebook but I am leaving active for a couple of days to raise awareness, as well as posting on twitter.

The corporate sponsorship initially stands at $1 million for the first 12 months.

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  1. I have been a regular listener to marathon talk since episode 1! I joined in with ‘Jantastic’ this year, and I’m hoping to take part in the ‘magic mile’ later this year.
    I also have quite a few other running podcasts I listen to, so I’ll list them in my next post. Thanks Chris.

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