Good Mornin’ Feet

Part of my barefoot routine now includes walking the family dog unshod. My share of the weekly dog walking quota involves a couple of early morning and evening walks, and hopefully a run at the weekend..
I’ve recently noticed the evening walks feel much easier on the feet than the early morning ones.
Or to put it another way, the morning walks feel less pleasant.

I don’t know if this is down to form, skin sensitivity or even surface temperature..

Thinking about this, I remembered a post I made about a year ago on dailymile regarding an early morning barefoot run with a similar observation: Local Loop

Going out for a barefoot lunchtime run my soles feel ‘normal’ again. My limited internet searching hasn’t revealed any clues; most results point to foot pain and plantar fasciitis whereas this is more of a sensory filter not kicking in.

Maybe a permanent barefooter has some insight?

2 thoughts on “Good Mornin’ Feet

  1. My feet are more sensitive in the morning. If they have been beat-up a little I certainly feel it more first thing. By the way, that DM link is broken. I hope they don’t delete old posts after a certain time.

  2. Thanks Ape for the heads up regarding the DM link – I edited my username and it seems to have broken any links, included google results. I’ve changed it back for now and all is good. I think your old posts are safe!

    I don’t put my shoes & socks on until I’m walking out the door, but never noticed anything different indoors. Maybe I just need more morning walks and runs!

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